Recruit differently with Findly’s fully integrated solution for Global Talent Acquisition. The Talent Hive transforms complex and transactional recruiting into light and personal engagements that convert quality passive seekers into ready-to-hire talent.

Findly Products

The Findly Suite

Unlike other talent acquisition software, we are revolutionizing and improving the way companies recruit, with lightweight and beautifully designed tools.

We build the talent pipeline and fill it with the right kind of candidates which we then enrich their information so that when you need to hire, you start with people who are far more qualified, more interested and more ready-to-hire.


Motivates, drives and captures the right kind of candidates you need, while capturing many times more passive candidates who happen across your brand.

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Findly Product Bundle One
  • Anywhere lead capturing connectors Pollinators
  • Global job distribution Scout
  • ATS Mobile Apply mBee
  • Mobile responsive careers site Wax
  • Employee referral platform Swarm


Gathers information that enriches candidate profiles, to help you target candidates who should be more qualified, faster, and easier to hire

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Findly Product Bundle Two
  • Branded talent community Talent Hive
  • Candidate management system Waggle
  • Automated talent emails Buzz
  • Social engagement gamification Colony


Effortlessly assess, process, track and on-board candidates with the only natively mobile ATS. Easy, automated, flexible, scalable, quality centric, and compliance driven system that people actually like to use.

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Findly Product Bundle Three
  • Natively mobile ATS Keeper
  • Mobile Online Assessments Maize

Stand Alone Products

Global Job Distribution

Automates job posting to 18,000+ job boards, manages, controls and reports on department / user spends, provides OFCCP compliance, and reports on conversion metrics and job board performance / spend / value. Integrated to all major ATS systems.

Has the most job boards of any system on the market.

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Global Enterprise ATS

The most modern of the large scale enterprise ATS solutions on the market today.

Flexible application paths; question filtering, scoring and candidate routing / process automation. Full on boarding, document management; supports multiple applicant experiences, security models, SSO, custom integrations and more.

The only fully responsive mobile ready ATS on the market.

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Mobile Apply - For any ATS

If your ATS is not mobile ready, this solution allows candidates to complete your entire application process and submit their completed application into your ATS, from their mobile phone.

Works with any ATS, no integration required.

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Online Assessments

Over 4,000 online assessments covering skills, behavioral and cognitive and simulations to drive higher quality hires. Take them off the shelf, or use our IO Psychologists to tailor them for your organization.

Buy one, hundreds or become a distributor.

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What is the Talent Hive