Over 50,000,000 applicants managed for 2,300 clients globally, including:
  • Manpower
  • Marriot
  • MGM resorts
  • Sears
  • T-Mobile
  • ConAgra Foods
  • Bob Evans
  • Advance America
  • Hersheys
  • Banner Health
  • Florida Hospital

On-Demand Talent

Mobile, Social, Data

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What we do

We help companies instantly hire
the right person at the push of a button

Leading the world in Talent Innovation

We are reimagining the way people are hired. The job seeker only gets sent jobs they are interested in, and that they have a good chance of getting should they apply. Employers only get to see interested candidates that will perform well in the job should they hire them. We call it on demand talent.

On-Demand Talent is our vision and our mission

We live in a connected world where “on demand” is becoming the standard expectation. So why is it still so hard for employers and seekers to connect with each other seamlessly, especially in a world where many other activities, like shopping, advertising, entertainment, and education, have already been radically transformed?

By attracting, engaging and measuring people interested in your brand, our platform curates the information to make it easier and faster to hire the right people first.

Why we do it
There's no one-size fits all approach to

There are many different types of candidates. Some you know, some you don’t, some very skilled, some not. And not all are strangers to your brand, in fact, some candidates may also be your customers. Our employment brand specialists create different candidate approaches that are automatically delivered and tracked, making sure you are engaging the right talent in the right way.


Employees / Referrals

Brand Fans

Active Job Seekers

Passive Job Seekers

Seasonal Workforce



The "single click" generation

We developed the on demand platform because we are all becoming the “single click” generation. Job seekers and recruiters alike, expect seamless, easy, quick and rewarding actions and outcomes. Built for today’s mobile generation, it just works, no matter what device - mobile, tablet, or desktop.

How we do it
our solution

The Talent Hive

The only solution for On Demand Talent.

What we built

We’ve built the Talent Hive, a revolutionary automated talent platform that acquires, manages, screens and engages only warm candidates, so companies can instantly hire the right talent.

Why we built it

As the next-generation workforce moves more mobile, their expectations are for fast, easy and direct interactions. Companies in turn, need faster ways to acquire, engage, filter and rapidly hire quality talent.

The solution

We solved this by integrating a wide array of existing and new technology components into a single integrated suite, and combining this with leading edge design and services, to automatically capture and keep candidates engaged for the future.

What's Inside the Talent Hive?


Products and services that leverage your brand, your online assets, and your employees, to acquire passive candidates to fill jobs.


Products and services that automatically engage candidates to keep them warm and curate information that makes it easier to hire them in the future.


Products and services that uncover high performing talent, automate mass hiring, and optimize the recruitment process for hiring managers, recruiters and execs.


Products that encourage a positive internal culture, drive employee performance, and feed back into the acquisition process to help attract high performing people.

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Products in the hive

findly's Hive is a fresh, lightweight,
consumer-esque approach to attracting, engaging,
and evaluating talent